Big Head Squirrels

Thursday, January 22, 2015


How could you not love this squirrel feeder? I’ve been providing critter food for my furry friends for years, and they have grown fat, lazy and spend most of their time fighting with each other. I still love them, even though they’re jerks.


This big head squirrel feeder was a Christmas gift, and I was so excited to try it out, but skeptical if the squirrels would actually use it. Well, it took about 30 minutes before the first furry guy was brave enough to stick his head in there, and now I can’t keep it filled fast enough.


The squirrels are still fighting each other and making a big mess, but they’re definitely earning their keep in entertainment value. It’s like having a teeny tiny college mascot character on our deck. Big head squirrels, you are awesome!


You can buy a big head feeder on Amazon here.

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Nancy Ball said...

OMG....that is HILARIOUS! I would love one of these for the hilarious scenery, but am afraid local rats would be the only visitors since they steal all of my bird feed!

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