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Friday, April 3, 2015


Papercrafting isn’t my only passion. I also have several other creative hobbies, from sewing to cooking to jewelry making. But the one that gets the most attention recently is my facepainting and special effects makeup work.


I love transforming someone into a character, whether they are beautiful or hideous or a bit of both. Being able to take a human face and change it with makeup, prosthetics and latex is not an easy skill to master, but when you do it right and get the reaction you’re looking for, it’s so rewarding.


If you’re interested in learning special effects makeup, there are many excellent videos and websites with tutorials and instructions. Invest in some professional products, the halloween junk sold at Wal-mart isn’t going to give you the effects you’re trying to create.



My best tip… practice, practice, practice. Paint all your children until they refuse to let you near them with a brush. Paint yourself. Paint your friends. When you run out of willing faces, practice your brushstrokes on your arm, or just on paper.


When you’re practicing on yourself, pray that you don’t have unexpected guests at your door, or you’ll have to answer like this….

skull ruins3

How about you, are you a multi-craft artist? I believe that everyone who has a creative spirit is drawn to more than one type of art. Leave me a comment and let me know what you do to release your inner creative goddess, and if you could learn a new art form, what would it be?

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Jes said...

Hi Tresa,
Your art is outstanding! I LOVE special effects makeup. That was my dream job once upon a time. I'm so thrilled that Face Off is on tv!
I love bellydancing & hand percussion (when I'm not doing my CTMH fun stuff)!

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