Watercolor Wow!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

One of the hottest trends in papercrafting right now is watercolors. They are perfect for backgrounds or adding a quick splash of color on your cards, scrapbook pages and projects. Whether you want a bright, bold look, or a soft color wash, watercolors give you that "artsy" look that's so hot right now!

 Close to My Heart's new watercolor paints, brushes and watercolor paper let you jump onto this easy and affordable trend. I was lucky enough to get these new products last spring to prepare for teaching Extravaganza at the Close to My Heart national convention. I've experimented and played with our line of paints, papers and brushes to my heart's delight, and let me tell you... I love them!
Watercolor Paints
These paints are so easy to use, and the high concentration of pigments lets you create brightly colored washes without having to build layer after layer. The slightly chalky finish gives just enough opacity to let you paint over darker colored cardstocks (try it on Kraft cardstock!)

For the low price point of $11.95, these are some of the best watercolor paints you can get. There are similar products for slightly less, but in my opinion these less expensive paints lack the intense pigmentation found in the CTMH watercolors. More pigment = better value!

I am a total brush snob. I spend a lot on brushes, for my artwork and for my special effects makeup work. I am so impressed with the quality of the paintbrush set from Close to My Heart. When we receive our products for Extravaganza, we don't know the price that CTMH will be charging for some of the items, and I figured that these brushes would be too spendy for some of my customers who just want something fun to play with and not have to make a big investment. Imagine my surprise when I found out the brushes are less than two bucks each. Wha-what? Get these brushes. They are that good.

Watercolor Paper
I've had lots of questions coming my way about the new Close to My Heart Watercolor Paper, and I've tested and played with it plenty, so hopefully I can share my experiences.

First, it's smooth, not the pebbled texture you might expect for watercolor papers. The smooth paper is actually easier to work with, and matches the CTMH cardstocks, yet the special coating allows you more workable time with the watercolor paints. You can create blended colors and washes easily because the paint doesn't soak into the paper so quickly. This is the main reason I recommend using the watercolor paper if you are going to create large pieces (such as 12x12 pages or full card fronts), and when you want to work with multiple colors.

For just a few quick swipes of color, our White Daisy cardstock or any of our exclusive colors cardstocks will work just fine. But the intensity of your colors and the blends of colors will be much better when you choose to use watercolor paper.


Sheila Bennett said...

Love your cards. You are a WIZ with the watercolors!!

Tresa Black said...

Thank you Sheila! I had so much fun with the new watercolors, and they're so easy to use!

Diane Wolf said...

Thank you for sharing your insights! Coming from a real artist, if you like the paints and brushes, they must be awesome!

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